A mostrar mensagens de 2013

A Baby is Coming!

Another important moment in my life :)

Momoko News

There's just something about Momoko dolls that fascinate me...not the price of course and that's the only reason why I have only a doll from this brand. Their face is beautiful, the clothing very imaginative and well made...anyway i love them. These were the last releases that I saw and left me breathless *-*

The line "Home" aims to represent dolls using a "relaxed" fashion at home. Right now I'm very into doll knits that look elegant and this dress is a perfect example. Besides, the doll's hair and make-up is very sweet.

This one caught my eye due to her clothing. I would kill for an outfit like this for me! I don't find the doll itself particularly pretty but that dress and blouse... They were designed by Mary Magdalane, who created a fashion brand very whimsical and pretty.

What's your opinion about them?

Nova Colecção de Inverno :: New Winter Collection

Os artigos de Verão continuam em saldos e os artigos de Inverno já chegaram e adivinham os dias frios e as noites festivas. Aproveitem e visitem :)

The Summer items are still on sale and the Winter collection has arrived with the scent of cold days and holiday nights. Check them here :)


Aproveitem os saldos de Outono na minha loja Barbie Boutique! Podem aproveitar para aumentar a vossa colecção ou começarem as compras de Natal :D

Enjoy the Autumn Sale in my Barbie Boutique Etsy shop! Great items to enlarge your collection or to start Christmas shopping :D

Coisas Giras que não temos em Portugal :: Cute Things we don't have in Portugal

Este post vai ser somente escrito em Português para comentar isso mesmo: coisas giras da Mattel que infelizmente nunca chegam ao nosso país. Se por acaso eu estiver enganada em relação a alguma delas, peço que me corrijam ;)
Este é o set que tenho dúvidas se existe ou não em Portugal, mas julgo que não. O Hula Dance set com uma Skipper de braços articulados e a Chelsea. Recentemente lançaram também um conjunto da Skipper com um cavalo só dela, sendo que essa boneca tem os joelhos articulados. Não seria incrível termos uma Skipper toda articulada?

Estas são duas Barbies "Barbie loves Paul Frank". São bonecas de gama baixa, ou pelo menos parece porque estavam a preços acessíveis na Amazon. São simples, mas valem pelas roupas e acessórios.

Barbie Easter Sweetie. Mais uma boneca simples, não percebo porque não a lançam cá, mais não fosse para vermos alguma variedade nos supermercados.

Já não é segredo nenhum que a linha S.I.S. não existe em Portugal. Como eu adorava ter uma des…

El Perico

Last weekend a great friend of my was in my home. He's also a Barbie collector and we had lots of fun in this photo shooting. The theme "El Perico y sus mujeres" (The Parakeet and its ladies) came to us thanks to the re-ment parakeet we included in the set. Lets take a look:

It all started in the Summer hut. Lea and Juan broke up in a very dramatic way.

Jasmin didn't waste any time and she did her best to seduce handsome Juan. I guess she wasn't lucky though.

When Midge arrived it was all hugs and kisses. Juan couldn't resist the sweetness of that pin-up like girl!

But then the girls noticed this little guy (el perico) and from then on  it all changed and Juan was completely forgotten.

Another Collection Update

I've been away for awhile but my collection isn't frozen in time. It has grown at a steady, slow pace to keep finances under control and a collection based on good taste and quality instead of just quantity. Anyway I've also been very busy in my professional and personal life so I don't have lots of imagination right now. Here goes the update to my collection (as far as I can remember):
My Clara doll was a gift from my friend Patricia, but she came to me nude. Once in a while I got her a nice dress but Patricia surprised me again and she gave me Marzipan's ballerina dress. Clara was very happy and she loves to pose with her new dress.
This Haute Côuture gown has been running away from me since it was released, some 19 years ago. It's rare and expensive. Some while ago I bought one from a Spanish woman but she kept the money and never sent the dress. Finally it's in my collection, no more running.
Ok this isn't such a great find, but I always found Barb…

Pet Contest

Today all the neighbors joined to show their beloved pets at the contest.

There were pets of all kinds: dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and hamsters.

Beauty was the winner last year...who knows which will be now?
You might even notice a cat bigger than usual...well she figured that she just had to be in the photo.

The jury are all set, although I think that Mike is more concerned with Ella than with the contest...

And this year the winner is....Thunder! The cocker spaniel that belongs to Myria :)

Basics Accessories

Another item from my wishlist. Steffie is delighted with the new accessories!

Fashion Avenue

There are some Barbie fashions that we never forget and regret not having bought them when they were available. These three belong to that wishing list of mine, among many others. The girls are extremely happy to have more choice in their wardrobe - that's always a problem when you have a lot of boys and girls to dress!

Outra Encomenda :: Another Comission

Desta fez, um giftset da série Fringe! Deu trabalho a triplicar mas foi um desafio agradável. As personagens são as duas Olívias das diferentes dimensões e o Peter Bishop. Para as Olívias usei a Barbie Pretty Flowers e a Cool Blue, com algumas alterações. O Peter é um Liam Flavas, também alterado. A caixa foi adaptada do Giftset Elvis e Priscilla.
This time a giftset from the series Fringe! It was triplicate work but a very pleasent challenge. The characters are the two olivias from the paralel dimensions and Peter Bishop. For the Olivias I used a Pretty Flowers and a Cool Blue Barbie dolls, with several changes. Peter is a Liam Flavas doll that was also altered. The box was adapted from the Elvis and Priscilla Giftset.

Different Dolls

So I was sparing money to buy a Momoko doll but suddenly, several doubts arouse in my head. In Portugal Momoko is the hardest to get and I know I would be in trouble with the Portuguese customs. I want a pretty but different doll (= no Barbie doll) and I recently came across Taeyang, which is Pullip's boyfriend. I've always loved BJD and this guy seems both affordable, customizable and very cute! Then I also found the J-Dolls and fell in love with another one (I have lots of love for many dolls --'). Both Taeyang and J-Doll are cheaper than Momoko and sold in my country.  This way I wanted to ask you which one of these dolls would you buy firstly:
Momoko Milk Tea Party

Taeyang Seiran
J-Doll Sunset Boulevard

Daenarys Targaryen

Integrity Toys doll customized by myself to resemble the character from the Game of Thrones series: Daenerys Targaryen Storm-borned. Available in the shop :)


"Go Beauty, go!!"

"Good girl :) "


I'm so sad. Someone just hacked into my Paypal account and stole all the money I was saving to buy a Momomo doll :'(
I hope Paypal fixes this situation ASAP!


Should I eat these mushrooms??

My first Monster High doll :)