A mostrar mensagens de Outubro, 2014

Prêt-a-Porter and Other Fashions

The last outfits that I bought at a great price were these two prêt-a-porter fashions (pardon me the photo quality, my camera was freaking out):

I love this type of fashions from the 90's. First of all, because they are from the time I started to play with Barbie dolls and my mother would always prefer to buy me more Barbie fashions and less Barbie dolls. Second, I consider this the golden age of Mattel's fashions: they were cute, realistic, well made, with quality materials and lots of pieces/accessories per set. So I decided to photograph the other fashions I have from this time.
These I believe are Haute Couture dresses (perhaps except the one in the middle - I know it's a bridesmaid dress and it's older than the others). I think I found these in the Flea Market!
More Haute Couture gowns. The first on the left was actually my first Barbie outfit, for my Capri doll! The one in the middle is my favorite and it took a lot to get it.

These are Prêt-a-Porter fashions. Th…

Creata Fashions

D7ana: remember the Creata ballerina outfits that I told you about? These are all the items I have left: the discolored sticker and the shoes. The outfits were much like in the sticker: one was completely white and the other had a burgundy bodice. They didn't fit Barbie dolls very well so I sold them...