A mostrar mensagens de Janeiro, 2015

Hello 2015!

2014 was an amazing, busy life-changing year for me! My energetic lovely baby boy doesn't leave me much spare time to "play" with dolls but it's totally worth it. On the other hand I feel a little bipolar as far as Barbie dolls are concerned. Sometimes I look at them and think " I don't have any time to play with them, why don't I just sell everything?" Other times it's like "well, I'll keep them if I have a baby girl someday" and them "oh my God what am I thinking? I love them how can I get rid of the symbol of my happy childhood?" can imagine :S Anyway, I made some great buys throughout the year that I'll show you as soon as possible. Finally I managed to update my shop, hurray! My wishlist is very diminished and almost non-existent (I do my best to not- keep up with Mattel and Disney releases lol) So without any photos of mine, I decided to open the new blogging year with a post sharing a different doll. …