A mostrar mensagens de Agosto, 2013

El Perico

Last weekend a great friend of my was in my home. He's also a Barbie collector and we had lots of fun in this photo shooting. The theme "El Perico y sus mujeres" (The Parakeet and its ladies) came to us thanks to the re-ment parakeet we included in the set. Lets take a look:

It all started in the Summer hut. Lea and Juan broke up in a very dramatic way.

Jasmin didn't waste any time and she did her best to seduce handsome Juan. I guess she wasn't lucky though.

When Midge arrived it was all hugs and kisses. Juan couldn't resist the sweetness of that pin-up like girl!

But then the girls noticed this little guy (el perico) and from then on  it all changed and Juan was completely forgotten.