A mostrar mensagens de Junho, 2013

Another Collection Update

I've been away for awhile but my collection isn't frozen in time. It has grown at a steady, slow pace to keep finances under control and a collection based on good taste and quality instead of just quantity. Anyway I've also been very busy in my professional and personal life so I don't have lots of imagination right now. Here goes the update to my collection (as far as I can remember):
My Clara doll was a gift from my friend Patricia, but she came to me nude. Once in a while I got her a nice dress but Patricia surprised me again and she gave me Marzipan's ballerina dress. Clara was very happy and she loves to pose with her new dress.
This Haute Côuture gown has been running away from me since it was released, some 19 years ago. It's rare and expensive. Some while ago I bought one from a Spanish woman but she kept the money and never sent the dress. Finally it's in my collection, no more running.
Ok this isn't such a great find, but I always found Barb…