A mostrar mensagens de Março, 2013

Different Dolls

So I was sparing money to buy a Momoko doll but suddenly, several doubts arouse in my head. In Portugal Momoko is the hardest to get and I know I would be in trouble with the Portuguese customs. I want a pretty but different doll (= no Barbie doll) and I recently came across Taeyang, which is Pullip's boyfriend. I've always loved BJD and this guy seems both affordable, customizable and very cute! Then I also found the J-Dolls and fell in love with another one (I have lots of love for many dolls --'). Both Taeyang and J-Doll are cheaper than Momoko and sold in my country.  This way I wanted to ask you which one of these dolls would you buy firstly:
Momoko Milk Tea Party

Taeyang Seiran
J-Doll Sunset Boulevard