A mostrar mensagens de Abril, 2013

Basics Accessories

Another item from my wishlist. Steffie is delighted with the new accessories!

Fashion Avenue

There are some Barbie fashions that we never forget and regret not having bought them when they were available. These three belong to that wishing list of mine, among many others. The girls are extremely happy to have more choice in their wardrobe - that's always a problem when you have a lot of boys and girls to dress!

Outra Encomenda :: Another Comission

Desta fez, um giftset da série Fringe! Deu trabalho a triplicar mas foi um desafio agradável. As personagens são as duas Olívias das diferentes dimensões e o Peter Bishop. Para as Olívias usei a Barbie Pretty Flowers e a Cool Blue, com algumas alterações. O Peter é um Liam Flavas, também alterado. A caixa foi adaptada do Giftset Elvis e Priscilla.
This time a giftset from the series Fringe! It was triplicate work but a very pleasent challenge. The characters are the two olivias from the paralel dimensions and Peter Bishop. For the Olivias I used a Pretty Flowers and a Cool Blue Barbie dolls, with several changes. Peter is a Liam Flavas doll that was also altered. The box was adapted from the Elvis and Priscilla Giftset.