Fashion Avenue

There are some Barbie fashions that we never forget and regret not having bought them when they were available. These three belong to that wishing list of mine, among many others. The girls are extremely happy to have more choice in their wardrobe - that's always a problem when you have a lot of boys and girls to dress!


jewel snake disse…
They are very nice, I especially like the last one!
Is this doll in the middle Benetton Teresa? <3 She's so pretty!
V. disse…
jewel snake: thank you, I love all the outfits too. You're right about the doll, she's Benetton Teresa. Unfortunately i don't have her original clothing, but she's beautiful!
Emma disse…
Gosto muito da barbie com vestido azul comprido.
V. disse…
Emma: é uma Barbie Basic num vestido Alta-Costura da Fashion Avenue. Também gosto muito dela :)
Muff disse…
That first dress is really stunning! It looks like she's on her way to a ball.
V. disse…
Muff: completely agree!

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