A mostrar mensagens de 2015

Braveheart Giftset

One of the latest commissions of mine :) It was finished a while ago and then I realized I hadn't shared it with you folks.

William Wallace and Murron, with outfits from the movie beginning.

The doll used for William was Finnick, from the Hunger Games series. I had to reroot him of course. He gained a kilt and boots!

Murron is a Fashion Fever Kira. I made the outfit and added a Portuguese manufactured miniature basket. It's not visible in the photo but she is also wearing a pair of small shoes handmade by myself.

The thistle was embroidered to resemble the original dried plant ;)
The next one is a giftset of the movie "Blue Lagoon", the one with Brooke Shields. If it wasn't for the guy rerooting it could be already finished, sigh...

Curadoria :: Social Media Content Curation

Hoje venho apresentar-vos umas dicas para quem tem blogues ou mesmo websites. Vamos falar de Curadoria. E agora perguntam vocês:

A Curadoria é o ato de identificar, seleccionar e compartilhar os melhores e mais relevantes conteúdos on-line, de acordo com um determinado assunto ou público. Em que é que isso pode ser útil? Quando temos um website ou blog, esta é uma boa forma de manter o nosso público cativado. Por melhor que seja o nosso produto, se falarmos constante e unicamente nele, vamos acabar por saturar os nossos seguidores. Por exemplo, se no meu blog eu falasse apenas na minha colecção, ou nas bonecas que comprei ou tenho para venda, provavelmente os meus seguidores não seriam tantos ou tão fiéis. Assim, por vezes é bom intercalar com outro tipo de informação relevante, que seja de utilidade para o nosso público. Acaba também por ser uma ferramenta mais discreta de marketing.
Por outro lado, é uma forma de valorizarmos o tempo da nossa audiência alvo, uma vez que condensamos …

Another Page of my Life

You may wonder what I've been doing since January and probably think that my lack of spare time is due to my small child. That is one reason, of course but now my life is an authentic rollercoaster!
My husband and I are currently attending the Air Force course to enter the Sargent category! Because of that we´re home only on weekends and the little spare time for my hobbies is now so tiny that I need a microscope to see it!
Anyway, please don't be scared (or please don't think I'm insane) if I post here some strange stuff. One of my course subjects as to do with Technology and Inovation and the teacher suggested the use of platforms, such as blogs. I didn't intend to start a new one just for the subject and, on the other hand, I thought it would be a great idea to grab my blog and start working on it more frequently again.
So...let's start working!

Hello 2015!

2014 was an amazing, busy life-changing year for me! My energetic lovely baby boy doesn't leave me much spare time to "play" with dolls but it's totally worth it. On the other hand I feel a little bipolar as far as Barbie dolls are concerned. Sometimes I look at them and think " I don't have any time to play with them, why don't I just sell everything?" Other times it's like "well, I'll keep them if I have a baby girl someday" and them "oh my God what am I thinking? I love them how can I get rid of the symbol of my happy childhood?" can imagine :S Anyway, I made some great buys throughout the year that I'll show you as soon as possible. Finally I managed to update my shop, hurray! My wishlist is very diminished and almost non-existent (I do my best to not- keep up with Mattel and Disney releases lol) So without any photos of mine, I decided to open the new blogging year with a post sharing a different doll. …