Braveheart Giftset

One of the latest commissions of mine :) It was finished a while ago and then I realized I hadn't shared it with you folks.

William Wallace and Murron, with outfits from the movie beginning.

The doll used for William was Finnick, from the Hunger Games series. I had to reroot him of course. He gained a kilt and boots!

Murron is a Fashion Fever Kira. I made the outfit and added a Portuguese manufactured miniature basket. It's not visible in the photo but she is also wearing a pair of small shoes handmade by myself.

The thistle was embroidered to resemble the original dried plant ;)

The next one is a giftset of the movie "Blue Lagoon", the one with Brooke Shields. If it wasn't for the guy rerooting it could be already finished, sigh...


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