Different Dolls

So I was sparing money to buy a Momoko doll but suddenly, several doubts arouse in my head. In Portugal Momoko is the hardest to get and I know I would be in trouble with the Portuguese customs. I want a pretty but different doll (= no Barbie doll) and I recently came across Taeyang, which is Pullip's boyfriend. I've always loved BJD and this guy seems both affordable, customizable and very cute! Then I also found the J-Dolls and fell in love with another one (I have lots of love for many dolls --'). Both Taeyang and J-Doll are cheaper than Momoko and sold in my country. 
This way I wanted to ask you which one of these dolls would you buy firstly:

Momoko Milk Tea Party

Taeyang Seiran

J-Doll Sunset Boulevard


Emma disse…
Momoko Milk Tea Party será a minha escolha. è muito linda e muito branquinha.
D7ana disse…
Momoko Milk Tea Party - I LOVE the Momokos ;-D
Marta disse…
Hello from Spain: I advise you to buy Momoko. She is wearing a very cool styling. Also she is very pretty. Anyway, not being the Barbie dolls, I would buy the doll Poppy. She is very attractive .. Keep in touch
Ms. Leo disse…
There is something about Momoko! I can't tell if it is her face or body but there is something special about her. She seems to wear clothing really well and the look in her eye is priceless! She is on my list too but I don't know which one!

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