Momoko News

There's just something about Momoko dolls that fascinate me...not the price of course and that's the only reason why I have only a doll from this brand. Their face is beautiful, the clothing very imaginative and well made...anyway i love them. These were the last releases that I saw and left me breathless *-*

The line "Home" aims to represent dolls using a "relaxed" fashion at home. Right now I'm very into doll knits that look elegant and this dress is a perfect example. Besides, the doll's hair and make-up is very sweet.

This one caught my eye due to her clothing. I would kill for an outfit like this for me! I don't find the doll itself particularly pretty but that dress and blouse... They were designed by Mary Magdalane, who created a fashion brand very whimsical and pretty.

What's your opinion about them?


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