2017 and Mori Girls

Hi everybody! I guess this is my first 2017 post and also the first in a while :) As usual, my busy life keeps me from coming here more often, but I'm far from leaving this sweet corner behind. I promise to update myself in your blogs too soon.

Meanwhile, let me present you my newest collection from my Etsy shop: the Mori Girls series!! I've got 2 sweet girls ready so far. I recently came across the Mori Girl lifestyle and I just love it! It almost completely describes myself and it's just adorable.

Mori girl translates from the Japanese into Forest Girl. It's a look and a lifestyle created in Japan around 2010. The goal is to look as if you're living in the woods, dressing in its colors, with mainly loose outfit pieces and lots and lots of layering. It's ok to use ruffles, lace, natural materials and whimsical accessories. And that is all these girls are about.

 The first in the series is called Maya.

And now there's Lily too.

I created very natural looking boxes for them too.

What do you think?


D7ana disse…
Cute dolls and fun fashions. I look forward to seeing more posts from you - time and life permitting, of course.


Bonecas bonitos e modas do divertimento. Estou ansioso para ver mais posts de você - tempo e vida permitindo, é claro.
D7ana disse…
Hi V.! Glad to read that in addition to your small child, you and your husband are moving to new positions. Congratulations on those accomplishments. I am catching up on blog and social media sites. Glad to see you still blogging when you can. Your Mori Girl fashions are adorable. Thanks for sharing ;-)


Oi v! Contente de ler que, além de seu filho pequeno, você e seu marido estão se movendo para novas posições. Parabéns por essas realizações. Estou alcançando blogs e sites de mídia social. Fico feliz em vê-lo ainda blogging quando você puder. Sua Mori Girl modas são adoráveis. Obrigado por compartilhar ;-)
V. disse…
Thank you for stopping by D7ana! I'm trying to catch up on social media too but it's not easy LOL
Shasha disse…
Your Mori girls are cute! And yes, this Mori revolution is quite nice, a wonderful relief from all that urban jazz. I am a Japanophile and I have loved this Mori thing going since I discovered Momoko dolls. It's great to see Barbie's pulling it off, too! Great job there!
V. disse…
Sasha: thank you so much for your comment! In Portugal the Mori Girl style is pretty unknown, even for most fashion lovers. But I think some Barbie dolls look great on it :)
Shasha disse…
Yeah, I think Barbies look great in Mori Girl clothing too! I might try it with my girls when it gets colder here. You see, I live in a tropical country and as of late, it's still in 35 plus degree Celsius.

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