Another Page of my Life

You may wonder what I've been doing since January and probably think that my lack of spare time is due to my small child. That is one reason, of course but now my life is an authentic rollercoaster!
My husband and I are currently attending the Air Force course to enter the Sargent category! Because of that we´re home only on weekends and the little spare time for my hobbies is now so tiny that I need a microscope to see it!
Anyway, please don't be scared (or please don't think I'm insane) if I post here some strange stuff. One of my course subjects as to do with Technology and Inovation and the teacher suggested the use of platforms, such as blogs. I didn't intend to start a new one just for the subject and, on the other hand, I thought it would be a great idea to grab my blog and start working on it more frequently again.
So...let's start working!


Ms. Leo disse…
My husband took those course too! Good Luck! I look forward to seeing what you post.
V. disse…
Thank you Ms. Leo, it's truly life changing!

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