New friends on the block

Enjoying late Summer :)


D7ana disse…
Congratulations on your new dolls, Vanessa! I recognize the doll on the left as being the Fashion Fever Benetton Christie. The other doll looks as though she is one of the Fashion Fever dolls, too.

Nice how you have re-dressed them.
Ms. Leo disse…
I can see the pictures..
V. disse…
D7ana: thank you! You're correct about the dolls. The other is a Fashion Fever Drew. I know which one it is, although she didn't come with the original outfit. I love them both!
Muff disse…
Did that Nikki come with that hair or did you re root it? It's awesome!
V. disse…
Muff: she came with that hair! She's a Fashion Fever Benetton Christie :)
Vanessa disse…
Love that Christie doll! I've never seen her before. The hair is awesome.

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