A Wonderful 2014!!

Happy New Year everybody! I know you haven't heard a word from me since....well a long time! With a baby almost coming all the time I have to finish some baby projects is slipping through my fingers like water. I'm not keeping up with your blogs (shame on me) but I miss doing it a lot!
Anyway I wish you all a wonderful new year, full of dolly projects and accomplished wishlist and (which helps a lot) some extra money to make all of that come true!


Marta disse…
Hello from Spain: congratulations on the arrival of your baby. Best of luck. This Barbie is fabulous. I love her dress. Keep in touch
V. disse…
Thank you Marta! The baby is expected to February (it's almost time!). Raquelle's outfit belongs to Very Velvet Barbie :)
jewel snake disse…
Congratulation on you baby, hopefully it will arive safely ! Take care of yourself!
This Raquelle is super beautiful, one of my favourite ones!
V. disse…
jewel snake: thank you so much for your kind comment! This Raquelle is my favorite so far, it's the only one I own that has kept her head LOL

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